General Internet

Internet trends is an excellent site to follow, yes you guessed it, trends on Internet use.

Facebook, love it or hate it, it looks like this social networking site is here to stay, longer than MySpace anyway!

Ever wondered how people make money selling download reports, software and the like? Have a look at Clickbank.

The Worlds Worst Website is always good for a laugh. The surprising thing is how many supposed web designers try to market themselves with something much along the same lines!

Maxim Support offer an exceptional Linux Server administration and support service.

Search Engines

Of course we all know that Google is the largest of all the search engines.

The only other serious contender in our eyes has always been Yahoo which used to be the big boy.


Residents Corner on the Gazette site caters mostly to residents, as its name suggests but is also a useful source for visitors.

Canary Nightlife is a great stop off for visitors interested in the Lanzarote bars & restaurants as well as the other Canary Islands.

General Lanzarote Links

The Gazette is the Lanzarote’s leading english language magazine.

We always recommend our friends at Discover Lanzarote Book for general island and tourist information.

Interested in the nightlife in Lanzarote look no further than Canary Nightlife.

If you are looking to exchange money whether be it for holidays, moving to the island, or for a property purchase you can save money by using the services of HiFX – who offer better rates than high street banks at a reduced cost.

Moving here soon? Then this free guide to Moving to Lanzarote might be able to help too.

Playa Blanca Property provides information on properties for sale in Playa Blanca, in addition to rent to buy options.

Translation Services

Convert English to Spanish

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